Office of Research and Evaluation

Our Research and Evaluation (ORE) team tracks and analyzes the impacts of our core services, the effectiveness of our organizational infrastructure, and performance of our partnerships. The results of these analyses are looped back into program design and development, allowing for continual growth.

The ORE team also utilizes their capacity to build a keen understanding of the complex conditions and barriers that our community faces. This knowledge is infused into our programs and serves as a foundation for advocacy towards systems-level changes. Additionally, the team aids in HCV development efforts and securing organizational funding.

Finally, our research team acts as consultants to our peers, offering their valuable skill set to analyze programmatic data and support planning efforts. This ensures strong partnerships and strengthens the seamless support system created for our children and families.

Core Functions and Deliverables

Pipeline Indicators – a set of indicators that are important for successful transitions at key points in the “pipeline,” which begins at conception and continues to college graduation, vocational training, and job placement. Tracking our children and families across several domains early and intentionally will allow us to have real-time data and support families physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially, and otherwise.

HCV’s Organizational Scorecard – A quarterly assessment for HCV administration and board to monitor our progress towards our strategic plans, goals, and objectives.

HCV’s Program Scorecard – A monthly snapshot of programmatic data to ensure that each of our initiatives is on track for process indicators such as participation, and cost per participant. The Scorecard allows us to change course if need be and to track progress towards our goals. We also capture the organizational cost of each program in order to calculate returns on our investment.