Homewood Children's Village

Office of Child and Community Health

Office of Child and Community Health

Healthy children are surrounded by healthy environments, created by the family and community. When families provide stable and nurturing environments, children flourish. Our initiatives foster family stability, health and well-being, and economic prosperity through employment opportunities, social skill development, and hard skills training.

We believe that stable, engaged, and healthy families are the change agents who drive community renewal. Increasing adults’ abilities to navigate life’s challenges empowers them to create positive communities where they want to raise their families. In addition to skill building, we provide educational opportunities for adults to learn about sustainability initiatives and how they can act as empowered citizens to advocate for the changes in their neighborhood that they want to see. We envision parents and families who are actively creating a healthy Homewood – one that envelopes children in a safe and nurturing environment, because it truly takes a village to raise a child. 

The OCCH is also the driver behind our community events which have included the annual summer 5K and Health Expo and quarterly community dinners.

Key Initiatives

Baby Promise

Baby Promise is an 8-week program designed for expectant parents and parents of children ages 0-5. Parents receive training in healthy pregnancies, stages of child development, health and safety, discipline and stress management, and nutrition and healthy foods.

Baby Promise is also a special space for parents to connect with other parents, learn from each other’s challenges and successes, and build a strong and caring support network. We know that when parents thrive and have the resources they need, a child’s future becomes brighter. That is the basis of our “2 Generation” model – the parent and child growing together for a better tomorrow.

Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute is a training program for Homewood residents who want to become activists, advocates, and ambassadors for Homewood. Residents will begin by working through basic needs and family stability, to education and workforce services, and finally to community renewal.

Participants will meet to cover topics such as life skills, financial education, housing and community development, health and wellness, civic engagement, leadership, and sustainability. Upon completing the program, participants will be empowered to communicate their learnings with their elected officials and inspire their neighbors to also become active members of the community.

Homewood Housing Preservation Partnership

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