Our Approach


HCV offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities throughout the year for both small companies and large corporations, including annual event, campaign, and in-kind sponsorships. We want our sponsors to decide how, when, and where they want to support our organization.


The most important benefits to our sponsors are exactly the benefits that they tell us they want.

While we offer structured sponsorship packages to guide the decision-making process, we also offer à la carte options that are flexible and customized to your company’s needs and goals.

Also, we incentivize companies with added benefits when your sponsorship investment falls into one of our 4 levels.


We’re always willing to consider new approaches and opportunities.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we would be happy to customize a sponsorship opportunity to meet your needs and interests.

Sponsors are welcome to choose one way to provide support, or they can select multiple opportunities throughout the year.


For more information or to make a sponsorship commitment, please contact:

Rachael E. Kelley
Director of Outreach and Development Homewood Children’s Village
Phone 412.516.9430

Email rkelley@hcvpgh.org